COVID Recovery Consultation

Covid Recovery Consultation, Nutritional Plan & Memory Training

This program can help you if you are suffering from after-effects of covid by supplying nutritional support and memory training to eliminate brain-fog and other symptoms.

This 2-1/2 hour program includes:

  • In person or virtual meeting with Vicki to review your medical records and review medical history
  • Development of personal action plan
  • Customized recommendation for nutritional supplementation
  • Brainsprouts Memory Course audio download

The 2-1/2 hours may be used in one meeting or broken into 2 or more meetings to best suit the needs of the individual concerned.


You will take home the entire audio series on MP3’s of the Brainsprouts Memory Training Methods and you will be able to use and practice ALL of the memory techniques and enjoy for the rest of your life!

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