A Sister’s Love

How Family Bonds Can Save A Life

This book is about facing death and all odds to risk it all for the love of her brother and keeping him alive, or doing the best his sister, Vicki, could do have a miracle happen.

Vicki Mizel was living in rural Oregon and flew to her brother’s bedside when hearing the news that he had Covid 19 and had five days to live. She risked her own life so he wasn’t alone nor was she, to be in the hospital at the beginning of the pandemic where hundreds of people were dying daily, hoping for a chance to save her brother and help him live. Many moments the reader feels they are right there with her in the story. It’s a page turner for sure!

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About the Author

This is the third book from memory expert, Vicki Mizel, launched from the foundation of “Love Remembers.” now regarded as the bedrock of word association, visual imagery and neuro branch growth; re: as an adjunct to the original memory founder.

Mizel has been an educator, artist, actress, speaker and now writer, over the span of forty years. Her natural love of learning and helping other’s improve is inspiring, and she has a passion for creating new breathe into improving people’s lives of all ages and all cultures.

A Sister’s Love

How Family Bonds Can Save A Life

Chapter 1: Do I Leave?

Do I leave safe Gold Beach, Oregon for dangerous, deadly, virus hospital Mt Sinai in Queens.

Chapter 2: Flying Into The Pandemic

Even the pilot of the plane said this time in history is worse than the depression.

Chapter 3: First Meeting In The Hospital

What do you say to your sibling you love if he or she only has five days to live according to the doctor.

Chapter 4: Dr. Binder to the Rescue

Dr. Timothy Binder who is a genius, chiropractor, homeopath, natureopath, and acupuncture spent an hour on the phone with me dictating what nutrients to buy for Gary.

Chapter 5: Not Convenient to Die

The Nurse at the Hospital told me to get my brother’s affairs in order when bodies were stacked for weeks waiting to be embalmed.

A Sister's Love

How Family Bonds Can Save A Life

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